Seat Leon Fr+ 1.9tdi Pd150 Ltd Edition (Cupra R) in Lydney, Gloucestershire for sale

Seat Leon Fr+ 1.9tdi Pd150 Ltd Edition (Cupra R)

This is my diesel Seat lean fr+ model which were the factory limited edition models produced in late 2005-2006 with the same external look as the Cupra r. It’s the fantastically reliable 1.9 tdi pd engine, the 150 brake that if looked after will do hundreds of thousands miles. It’s got 135k on it with full service history inc 2 cambelts (last at 113k) clutch plus gaiters Brakes ect. I’m pricing it at very reasonable money because the bodywork does have the usual lacquer peel and marks here and there but I’m using it daily inc a recent 450 mile round trip with no problems. NO OFFERS